Do you tend to give a lot, feel pulled in many directions, often with little in return?

Are you trying so hard to make everyone else happy that you neglect the most important one – you?

Is your life so busy these days that your own needs are not even on your ‘to do’ list anymore?

Have you lost your true self somewhere along the way and don’t know where she’s gone?

Is food or being busy compensating for what’s missing in your life?

Are you running on empty?

  • Too busy taking care of others to focus on you?
  • Stress levels getting out of control?
  • Is your weight creeping up and you are heavier than you have ever been?
  • Is food your best friend when the chips are down?
  • Where will it all end?

Call it what you want — over-empathetic, workaholic or saviour tendencies, you may have slipped into a work/lifestyle that no longer reflects you or your values.

When life throws you an extra curve-ball — a relationship breaks up, a death, a financial crisis, a child going off the rails — it is easy to see how you can end up feeling overwhelmed and alone.

There is hope!

You can get help and you can change! And you are also not alone! Others have been in the same situation as you and learned to put themselves and their needs back at the centre of their lives.

My name is Grace Gerry and I help women (and men) like you to make the changes you want and reach the goals that make you happy. You are worth it! Turn your life around today with some counselling, a group or a workshop. It is easier than you think!

Graceful Solutions offers practical, easy-to-apply strategies to help reduce stress, maximize success and increase your emotional wellbeing!