Here’s what clients have said about working with Grace in groups or individually over the years:

I have been working with Grace for over 5 years. From cancer treatment to family and childhood issues she has been a great help. She continually comes up with new strategies for healing. She recently suggested one that resulted in me turning a huge corner in my recovery. Well done, Grace!

C Donatelli

Grace helped me dive into the heart, soul and significance of a memoir writing project that has lived alongside my life for over a decade. As a result of my counselling with Grace, I feel more inspired and on-purpose with this project.

Grace helped me see that writing this book is not optional, it is part of my offering to myself and to the world.  Writing this book is a way of honouring and loving myself.

Grace listens with her heart, she pulls out meaning that might otherwise go unfelt or unseen. I highly recommend counseling with Grace for anyone who craves a deeper reflection on their lives and wants to be heard past the words that are spoken.

Lynda Monk, Social Worker|Writing for Wellness Coach

We here in Donegal are grateful for the opportunity to work with Grace (when she comes home from Canada). She ran a series of workshops for our staff in Health Promotion, Women’s Group and our Parenting Facilitators. Grace provided a gentle framework for us to explore issues in our lives that we wanted to change, how to declutter our lives, our relationship with food, etc. She provided simple tools for us to look at the changes we wanted to make. She is an accomplished trainer who has a fantastic sense of humour and empathy and she works with Grace!

Janet Gaynor, Assistant Health Promotion Manager, HSE West, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. Ireland

I did have what I guess you could call ‘a breakthrough’ that Sat afternoon at your place when we did that workshop on “Free Yourself From Difficult Relationships”. I didn’t realize just how much I was affected still by everything until that day.

I remember going home and I literally could feel the weight lifted off my shoulders. I cried some more on my wife’s shoulder and felt very much at peace.

I can’t thank you enough for that and am very grateful to you and feel lucky to have met you at that time in my life.

Rob M

Throughout my ongoing struggles to relate with my adult daughter, Grace has really been the only person to whom I could talk about my frustrations and puzzlement, and really feel listened to. Grace has given me numerous, very helpful strategies for ongoing communications with my daughter, be it in person or otherwise. She is a sincere, caring professional with a keen understanding and interest in all individuals’ well-being.

MR, Sales & Customer Service Agent, Alberta

As someone who has worked side by side in the counselling field with Grace for years, including the providing of mutual peer supervision and personal support, I can highly recommend her counselling services. I have referred personal friends to her for counselling, as I have great faith in her abilities. Grace is an amazing, incredible human being ….empathic, insightful, and inspiring. .She is adept at walking beside her clients and creating a safe atmosphere as they and she examine some of the painful places that sometimes feel “easier” to avoid. Grace also has a knack of finding the shining jewels of positivity that can sometimes be overlooked….I have seen first-hand how she can find light in the darkness and clarity in what feels like chaos….

The video reflects well who Grace is, what clients can expect, and a template for counselling that has space for organic evolution of experience…nothing too scripted or formal. Just a jumping off place to the creative zone where epiphanies occur. Grace walks her talk, and is grounded in authenticity as she lives a well-examined life and is not afraid to seek support for healthy self-examination when she needs it too. That to me is one of the signs of a highly evolved therapist.


Two hours a week to let go of life’s responsibilities and stresses and focus on what I needed to do for myself, proved to be so much more profound than I could have imaged. Grace did a wonderful job of creating a safe and supportive environment to address what was standing in my way. I feel like a new woman!


Grace has the innate skill of being present. I have had the motivating experiences of attending one of Graceís workshops and on an individual basis also. She is a consummate professional, a tireless leader for women and an ability to put you centre stage in the gentlest of ways. I wish Grace well in her personal and professional life. Thank you for everything.

Moira Mills, Mental Health and Addictions Manager, Ireland

I was pleased with the progress I made today in my first session with you. Your insight into the patterns (both healthy and unhealthy) in my life from childhood to an adult really made sense to me. Thank you for today, Grace.


The kind, open and inspirational support that this group has provided me has allowed for me to step out into my life, powerfully addressing and taking on the areas of importance to me.


Grace helped me understand how connected my self-worth really was to my diet choices and body image. Together, we figured out ways to break out of the thoughts and behaviours I’ve been practising for the last 15 years.

Grace helped me see that just because everything can’t be fixed quickly, it doesn’t mean progress isn’t happening. Grace celebrated my tiny accomplishments and made me realize that just because I have a bad moment, day, or week, it doesn’t mean they’ll all be like that, or that I should give up!


I’ve gotten a great deal of support from other women who understand how hard it is to lose weight. Iíve heard other womenís stories that have been inspiring in hwo they have overcome obstacles to their weight loss. The group has also held me accountable for taking steps to achieve what I say I want. It made the task of weight loss less daunting, less overwhelming and broke it down to manageable steps.


These words cannot tell you how much you changed things for me. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on, my inspiration, and my friend.


I am very glad to have found Grace. She has helped me in all areas of my life.

Grace listens… guides.. gently pushes… gives goals and really cares about your progress.


I felt the great support at the most difficult time of my life, with the personal counseling, family counseling and group workshops from Ms. Grace Gerry. She has a very delicate touch, and I felt she make a difference in my personal life as well as my family life. Thank you so much for everything, and every moment of your time you spend with us.


This group has helped me open doors into areas I was afraid to journey through by myself. With Grace’s gentle but persistent way of nudging me to look at those things from my past and to face them, I was able to take that next step to living the kind of life I want to live! Wish I could have done this years ago.


I truly believe that overweight is directly related to emotional issues of our childhood and past. This workshop has given me tools and ideas on how to accept things heal and then set a plan for a healthy weight.


I’d like to thank you (Grace) for the insights and the platform to explore myself in a lovely, safe and caring environment. You offered me an opportunity to have an honest look at my emotions, habits and responses to my world that were holding me hostage with regard to my weight and trusting in myself. I have lost 10 pounds so far in the eight week program and have a new outlook towards my life and the possibilities. I have come away with confidence, excitement, and sincere gratitude. Thank you Grace for your graceful and humble support.


Just wanted to say thanks for a very helpful session with you this week. Lots to think about…also, I tracked down a copy of “The Dance of Intimacy” from a friend and have really been enjoying it and finding it incredibly relevant. It’s always a humbling and helpful thing to realize we are far from the first person to experience a particular phenomenon within relationships! 🙂


Working with Grace has been an incredibly wonderful life changing experience for me. With Grace’s help, after years of hiding behind layers, I’m happily emerging! Grace’s gentle but firm, accepting approach has helped me let go of the past and embrace life. Iím so grateful we’ve met.

Laurie, Victoria, BC

Grace helps me cut through to the core of the matter and approach situations with a calm and measured attitude. She seems to know intuitively when a good listening ear is needed and when advice and direction is needed. Grace helps me to acknowledge truths that I instinctively know but may have been unable to unearth. I appreciate her welcoming, professional manner and look forward to our sessions.

A.B., Teacher

At times we all need help to refocus, recharge and gain new skills to deal with the stress in our lives. In doing so, Grace helped me to regain my emotional fitness.


From your workshop I was able to move on from my past. There was something that was bothering me for the last two years and I didn’t know how to deal with it and move on with my life. I went to counselling and tried almost everything but some things weren’t working. When I went to your workshop and left that day, I felt like a different person, a more confident one and I loved it!! You may not know but that is exactly what I was waiting for and with that workshop I was finally able to move on and now I am so happy and I haven’t felt this good about myself in about two years so thank you so much!!!


Grace knows how to ask the hard questions, but she does it with such support and non-judgement that it becomes easier for you to look at the hard answers

Carol, Social Worker

Thank you so very much for the abundance of wisdom and generous kindness you showed me. Truly I came away from our visit with so much food-for-thought to contemplate and that felt amazingly great. I so deeply appreciated your time and all the gifts that are so innately yours. I could immediately tell how exquisitely skilled and gifted you are as a counsellor, and just how wonderful you are.


Grace’s compassion and insight into the pain and suffering of others come from a depth of personal experience and understanding. Grace combines these attributes with wisdom and a tender heart resulting in an approach which, for me, has prompted and is undergirding a sustainable process of healing.


For me, each session left me feeling a bit like one of those glass balls you shake up and then the snowflakes settle. Each time after a couple of days to process, new insights have come. The whole experience has helped to get me unstuck – I still have work to do, but first step is awareness isn’t it? Thank you all for helping me with this.


I have worked with Grace for 2 years. She is very patient, insightful and intuitive. After our sessions I always feel better and leave with steps for progress. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a counsellor to others.


Grace was there for me at, perhaps, the toughest time of my life. She continues to be a great support to me as I learn to make better choices, and to move ahead in a positive, stronger way. She has helped me to learn that sharing my troubles is not only okay, but is healthy and good, and sometimes a very necessary step in the healing and growing process. Thanks Grace – you’re the best.

CM, business owner

Grace Gerry’s high degree of consciousness and integrity when listening to others is extraordinary. This comment results from observing and experiencing her ability to unravel the complexity of each individual’s unique reality and help them get to the “nub” of what may be stopping them from being a self-contented human being.

Grace then generously gives ownership of this realization back to the individual, which enables them to consider solutions to their deep-rooted issue rather than expecting Grace to have the solution.

Y. O.

Grace, as a result of your course, Emotional Fitness: Stress Reduction for Busy Women, together with some one-on-one sessions with you, a very difficult time in my life is turning around and turning out far better than I could ever have hoped. Thank you for the honesty, esteem, and practical regard with which you reach out to women!

L.S. Lawyer

Grace has a gift of creating the kind of safety and trust, where I felt comfortable to express all my feelings without fear of judgment. I was able to meet with other parents dealing with similar issues, and learnt tangible practical information I could use right away, including tips to deal with stress, understand disabilities and dispel emotional and spiritual fatigue. Most importantly the insights that I got from Graceís counseling, helped me put to rest old issues from childhood and I left the group each week with more energy.

HF, mother of son with autism

This is my third group with Grace and I love that she creates somewhere where it is safe to cry and say “I’ve had enough” without fear of judgment, and be validated for the loving work I do as a mother of children with special needs. Coming to this group is my form of self care, and it has helped me gain insights and learn how to handle my triggers.

Grace has the knack with her counseling of getting me to where I need to go emotionally, so I feel better and can tackle problems more easily afterwards.

KA, adoptive mother of child with attachment disorder

Grace is someone I found very comfortable to be with immediately. Her encouragement to see beyond the pressures and believe in myself again during a time of adversity is something I will always feel thankful for.


You’ve helped me deal with a lot of life issues and helped me move on from big/bad events and learn how to cope with them.


Grace is a very kind, caring and compassionate listener. She makes it very easy to share deep things that are difficult to tell almost anyone else. Grace enabled me to move past my fear-based chronic thoughts into a more healthy mindset. I would most definitely recommend her!


I’ve worked with Grace one-on-one for close to nine months now and she has been an enormous source of support and encouragement for me in that time. After my first few sessions with her I was making big changes to the way that I had been “stuck” doing things in both my personal and work lives, and those changes have resulted in me living a much happier, healthier life.

Working with Grace has also helped me to recognize patterns in my own behaviour and to change the ones that have been harmful. She is warm and compassionate and has a feminist perspective on relationships of all kinds that is really important to me. I would absolutely recommend her as a counsellor.

Sarah, Social Worker

Grace, thank you for being a beacon and guiding light in my life.. Your ease and grace which you create from in leadership is something for myself to aspire to. Your kind words have always brought a sense of peace to my life.