If you are someone who’s had a long struggle with weight loss, you’ve come to the right place! You are probably already a complete expert on diets, having tried every weight loss program known to man/womankind!

Do you feel:

  • frustrated at not being able to lose the weight you’d like to lose?
  • mad with those around you who keep offering weight loss “advice”?
  • at the end of your tether and that weight loss surgery is your last hope?

I understand that weight loss is not a simple issue of just “exercise more” and “eat less”. If it was that easy you would have already figured it out – right? But we are complex creatures and there are often multiple factors that contribute to weight gain. It is when you understand the underlying issues leading to self sabotage, that you can then take control and be successful at letting go of weight.

Some people like to come to a workshop for inspiration, or a group for on-going support. Others prefer an individual approach providing a private tailored service unique to you. I offer all of these approaches (listed below).

CALL NOW (250) 370-2254 or e-mail grace@gracefulsolutions.ca to arrange a complimentary session. If you live out of town, I can offer this session via the phone or Skype.

Bariatric-specific Counselling

Are you wary of counselling? Wondering what’s the point of talking about the past? Worried that counselling may open a can of worms best left alone? What if you could:

  • Be free of childhood issues that may have literally weighed you down for decades?
  • Move forward and finally claim the life and body you were meant to have;
  • Fit into airplane seats or carnival rides without a second thought;
  • Visit a clothes store without looking for plus sizes;
  • Be fit enough to go for a walk with friends without making excuses?

There is hope! You deserve all of this and more, and it is easier than you think. I believe it is never too late for anyone to heal and to change.

Clients of mine have said working with me is like getting into a warm pool where you can feel comfortable, supported, understood and cared about, as you create the changes you want, as well as resolve the past issues that have gotten in the way.

CALL NOW (250) 370-2254 or e-mail grace@gracefulsolutions.ca to arrange a complimentary session. If you live out of town, I can offer this session by phone or Skype.

Bariatric-specific Workshops

The following workshops are ones I have offered in the past or have ready to go. Contact me if you are interested.

  • The Waiting Game—How To Stay Focused and Motivated While Waiting For Your Surgery Date
  • Prepare For Success! Emotional Coping Skills After Weight Loss Surgery
  • Overcome Food Cravings
  • After Your Weight Loss Goal is Reached—Long Term Success Strategies
  • Why Am I Fat? (Big Guys ONLY)

Bariatric Assessment

Prior to bariatric surgery, your surgeon may require that patients participate in a psychological health assessment before considering bariatric surgery. Contact me to book an appointment (250) 370-2254.

Fee or $250 plus GST for assesment interview and report:

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