Does the thought of travel abroad fill you with overwhelm? Do you get stressed out on the day of travel? A certain amount of stress is inevitable, but these tips will keep you calmer and allow more space to be excited about getting away.


#1     Start packing early: Make a packing list when calm, starting several weeks before you leave.

#2    Check on visas and passport expiry datesGive yourself plenty of time if you need visas, passport renewal, driving permits, immunizations etc.

#3    Pets and mail – arrange for pet care and get your mail held until you return. An overstuffed letter box can signal a house is empty and encourage burglars.

#4    Create a space for easy to forget items: choose a spot to put important things you might forget such as boarding passes, itineraries, foreign currency, medication, maps, addresses for postcards home, even presents.

#5    Pack minimally and leave room for new purchases while away. You will need less clothes than you think – include comfy clothes, casual, dress up, outdoor etc.

#6    Hand luggage: When packing handluggage, think about what you might need for comfort on the plane. Pack toiletries, water bottle, medication, a book, your documentation and money, period stuff, glasses/contact lense solutions, and extra underwear in case your luggage gets lost!

#7    To avoid exhaustion, try to get enough sleep the days before you travel. Some people find taking a homeopathic remedy such as “No Jetlag” for aleviation of jetlag helpful while flying.

#8    Keep a diary of your activities while away. It is easy to forget what you did once you return home

#9    Give yourself time to adjust to being back. Unpack as soon as you return home, have a shower, make a home made meal and only attend to your letter, voicemails and emails when you feel ready. Have a friend bring in some groceries for your return.

#10  Relive your vacation by posting photos on Facebook, sending out some to friends as keepsakes, and send thank you notes while your memories are fresh.

10 Tips for Stress Free Travels Abroad

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  • August 2, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    Thanks Grace. Excellent tips 🙂 I put your list on my phone reminders ready for the next trip!

    • August 3, 2018 at 11:16 am

      Thanks Linda. That’s high praise from a world travellor like you!

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