New Service –  Virtual Counselling

Are you struggling with a relationship that has gone off the rails, a loss that has broken your heart, a worry that keeps you up at night, or a goal of losing that last 20 lbs (or more)? Working with Grace will bring you immediate emotional relief, provide new insights, understanding and hope. You will learn easy to implement strategies for better and more satisfying results.

Grace is now offering all of this even if you don’t live in Victoria, through virtual counselling. All you need is a computer, an iPhone or just a regular phone, and you can access Grace’s help from the comfort of your home.

Perhaps you aren’t the one needing help, but have a friend or family member living outside Victoria, who is struggling to cope with a sudden crisis. It may be a conflictual relationship, an affair, a worrying diagnosis, or the death of someone close. Working with Grace can quickly ease their pain, and help them to recover more quickly, than trying to do it all by themselves.

Not sure if virtual counselling is for you, or if it would appeal to your friend outside Victoria? Email Grace to set up a no obligation 15 minute consult by phone or using Zoom, so you can check it out.