How Failure at Weight Loss Helped Me Succeed

Do you ever have phases where despite gaining weight, you can’t seem to get motivated, no matter how high the numbers climb on your scale? You want to lose weight, but can’t seem to say no to the cakes and desserts or the chips and nuts you love. Instead your heart sinks as yet another pair of trousers doesn’t fit, and you rely on loose tops to hide the bulges?

I have a confession – I am not immune to this. In fact, one reason I haven’t sent out a blog on weight loss these last few months, is because I had gained at least 10 pounds, and I felt like a fraud to offer advice on weight loss while struggling myself. What set this off was when I decided to move back to Ireland for a year because my mother was 91. Naturally this was a major life change, bringing both positives and stresses, and one of the ways I coped was to fall back on childhood coping patterns of comfort eating and indulging my sweet tooth!

Fortunately, after struggling for months, I have started to turn this around again and with the help of a 6 week program, I’ve managed to get back on track. Any program can work if you work it, but here are 3 tips of what is working for me.  


#1 Daily accountability: On this program I weigh myself and record it every day using a special scale. I find this kind of accountability and immediate feedback works for me, and helps avoid small lapses becoming binges. If the line on the graph goes up instead of down, I find it motivates me to try harder the next day. This daily weigh in may not work for everyone, especially if you happen to be someone who has obsessive tendencies, but it works for me.  

#2  Recording weight and steps is motivating: To record your weight, why not make a simple graph on paper or alternatively download a template such as this one. Set a goal for 6 weeks for example, record your start weight, then add your new weight each time you weigh and track your progress. I have also started to use an activity tracker like FitBit to track my steps every day and this motivates me to walk more and increase my cardio exercise. My new step is adding in weight training three times a week, which helps me burn more calories and get stronger.

#3  Cut out sugar for first week and cut down carbs for 6 weeks: Cutting down sugar and carbs has helped me control my sweet tooth, once I got past a detox headache the first few days. I eat food that is high in protein and vegetables which I find satisfying and this is helping me drop the pounds. The other morning for breakfast I had a half can of salmon with a large salad for example, which was delicious and kept me going until lunchtime.  Lastly following a program for six weeks works for me, but I have to maintain these positive habits afterwards to continue making progress.  


So there you have it. I’d love to know what works for you, when you know you need to take action and can’t seem to get motivated. And if you would like some motivational and emotional support, go to Graceful Solutions and set up a 15 minute complimentary phone consult with me. I have helped a lot of people take control of their lives and their weight. Even 3-6 sessions can make a real difference.  

How Failure at Weight Loss Helped Me Succeed