Putting Meaning Back Into Christmas

Christmas is a time many look forward to, but we work so hard to make it happy that we end up hurrying, scurrying and worrying. It is also a time of excess, a lot of spending, eating, parties but too little time to enjoy, relax, and slow down. Here are some tips to put meaning back into your Christmas and keep you grounded…


Make Christmas your own and don’t become a slave to tradition. Give yourself permission to keep the traditions you like and discard the rest.

Simplify the tasks and get organized early to enjoy Christmas. Do your shopping early, make a plan for tidy up and decorating so its manageable.

If sending cards, consider writing an appreciation to the person instead of a canned message. They will value your card so much more

Be generous to others, whether making time to visit someone or giving a donation.

Set limits on amounts you spend on presents, and consider investing in an organization like Heifer International which buys pairs of animals to send to poor families to raise.

Try to eat moderately this Christmas, and spare your body the extra weight gain. More food does not equate with more happiness.

Spend a day or two for a personal retreat. Take time to think about your life as the year ends, your achievements and hopes for the year ahead.


If you have had a breakup, a death or health scare this year, you may not feel like celebrating Christmas. This is a time that counselling can make a real difference. Email Grace to set up a 15 minute complimentary phone session to get some immediate help. gracegerry@shaw.ca

Putting Meaning Back into Christmas