Grace grew up in Ireland, completed a bachelor’s degree in Social Work in Dublin 1978 and a CQSW (Certificate of Qualification in Social Work) in London UK in 1985. Her experience as a social worker, senior practitioner and a counsellor spans more than 30 years in Ireland, England and Canada, in the areas of probation, inner city project, multidisciplinary child protection, hospital paediatrics.

Since coming to Canada in 1995, Grace’s worked in the areas of child protection, mental health and special needs, as well as almost nine years in specialized fostering of high needs children.

In 2005 Grace began a lifetime dream when she opened Graceful Solutions, a private counselling and consultation practice in Victoria, after being accepted into Business Victoria’s program for small businesses.

Typical issues for counseling include stress, depression, self esteem, anxiety, relationship issues, grief and loss. An area of special interest for Grace is emotional eating and weight loss, including work with bariatric surgery patients.

With more than 30 years international social work and counselling experience in multdisciplinary settings, Grace knows how easy it is to get worn down by continual stress, leading to fatigue and disconnection from the real meaning and value of the work. From personal experience she has learned how important it is to be proactive in taking care of one’s emotional well-being.

Through Graceful Solutions she offers a variety of services to promote personal and professional wellbeing, as well as build positive professional work team relationships that get results.

Grace’s credentials and experience will assure you of high quality results. In addition her personal therapeutic journey has allowed her to develop high levels of intuition, clarity and insight when working with others, as evidenced by her testimonial page.

Grace considers herself very lucky to live in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC, Canada with her husband and Kooper the cat, who offers a great role model of relaxation, staying focused on getting his needs met and living life on his own terms!