Father’s day rolls around each June and like most people, you probably buy your dad a card and a gift when you spot the racks of brightly coloured Father’s Day cards. Here are three more ways to show him just how much he means to you:

Appreciate him!

Tell him what you enjoy and appreciate about him, and share your happy memories of him. Maybe he has a great sense of humour, taught you to ride a bicycle, or helped you buy your first car. Use the card you bought to write down your appreciations so he can read them over and over. Most parents love to receive this kind of report card!

Make a date with him!

Surprise him with an invite to lunch, an offer for the two of you to attend a sports or music event he’d enjoy or even volunteer to work alongside him in the garden. The point is to spend time together and do something he enjoys. Parents often love to spend social time with you, but unfortunately busy lives can get in the way.

Be curious

Most people are full of life stories they never get to tell, because no one takes the time to listen. So be curious, ask great questions, take time to listen and be prepared for your father to surprise you with lots of stuff you didn’t know! Ask about his life as a boy, pranks he got up to, what his parents were like, special memories of friends, school, holidays, achievements and of course what he remembers about you when you were little.

One day you may not have him around anymore, so enjoy the time you have, ask him questions, spend time with him and most of all tell him what you love about him!

3 Ways To Make Your Dad Feel Special!
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