There are lots of reasons we hold onto things. I once knew someone with a large houseful of valuable antiques that she felt she should keep but nobody in her family wanted them. Her comment was – “you think you own things, and in the end they own you!”

She felt she should keep them but sometimes you want to hold onto things. Whether it’s a souvenir from a long ago trip, a necklace from your grandmother or a special Valentine card, the sentimental value can create strong feelings of attachment, symbolising the energy of the experience. I’ve kept a dish for years that I don’t even like because I was fond of the relative who gave it to me. My dilemma – do I keep it or give it away?

This month’s theme is letting go. As spring approaches, to make changes in your life you have to make room for them. And part of that is letting go of what you don’t need anymore. It may be saying goodbye to old objects you no longer love or use, but it may also mean letting go of habits that don’t serve you, negative beliefs about yourself, relationships that take more of your energy than you want. Here are four strategies to help…

1. When something is hard to let go of, try asking yourself what would you have to feel to let it go. This helps you become aware what the object represents and maybe what experiences may need to be grieved in order to let them go. 

2. Remind yourself that life is actually changing from moment to moment all the time. So let that fresh energy flow freely through you rather than fear it or fight it. Wake up and take new routes, try new activities, take risks and let go of old habits that keep you stuck on autopilot.

3. Notice what fills you with joy and what weighs you down. Consider letting go of what you dread doing, and prioritise times to do what you actually enjoy. Always putting the needs of others before your own can rob you of your life energy.

4. De clutter one small space a day and notice your increase of energy and pleasure as you let go of things you no longer need. If something is hard to let go of, consider taking a photo before giving it away. And remember you can’t take anything with you to the grave! As says, a Uhaul truck will not be driving behind the hearse with all your stuff! So sort out your stuff now and lighten up! A great local resource for decluttering help in Victoria is Barbara at Sign up for her free monthly decluttering newsletter!

Letting Go—4 Strategies To Let Go Of The Old And Make Room For The New
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