Are you competent and in control generally but can’t seem to control your weight? Have you tried various diets and lost weight, only to regain it all back? Here are six reasons many women get stuck losing weight. Do any apply to you?……

1. Too busy and distracted: Do you have a crazy busy schedule with a lot of deadlines? Are you too rushed and preoccupied to plan your meals? This is often a sign that your general self-care needs attention, whether it’s your sleep, downtime, support or exercise. Losing weight requires change on every front.

2. Care more about others than yourself: Are you someone with a huge heart, who is sensitive to the needs of family and friends but can’t be bothered with what you need? If so, your weight gain may be a sign that you are out of balance, and need to start putting yourself first, even if it feels selfish.

3. Don’t have a good enough plan: It is easy to start a diet with enthusiasm, but this often fails because you haven’t put enough thought and preparation into it. It takes energy and effort to change, and if you don’t have a plan it is hard to succeed.

4. Fat suit is familiar and comfortable: One part of you may really want to lose the weight, but your deeper unconscious self may not. She may want to hold onto a protective layer because of earlier hurts, and these need to be resolved for your whole mind to be on the same page. Counselling can help with this.

5. Mindless eating habits: Habits allow us to operate on autopilot, without having to think. They can be a help or a hindrance to weight loss, depending on the habit. If you have a habit of eating chips mindlessly in front of the TV for example, it means you don’t notice what is going on. You have to be mindful or ‘awake’ and aware, in order to control your behaviour.

6. Comfort eating when stressed: If you have a stressful life and relied on food to cope, the higher the stress, the more weight you will gain. Food can be a way to numb out painful emotions, so you will need to learn new strategies to manage stress, and be alert to your triggers and cues around stress and food.

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6 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight