Valentine’s day is coming up, the time we send cards, roses or chocolates to those we love. So let’s not forget that special someone in our lives, the one who puts up with us no matter what – our bodies. We expect them to function well often without the loving care they needs – good food, rest, sleep and exercise for example. Here are five ways to say “I love you” to your nearest and dearest – your body!

1. Take big breaths regularly. Marc David author of “The Slow Down Diet” says we are often short of Vitamin O – meaning oxygen which improves energy levels and helps us relax. So try taking regular “breath breaks” at work and take 10 big breaths.

2. When you feel tense or have food cravings, slow down, tune in to your body and see what is going on. Emotions often show up as physical tensions in the body, or cravings for certain foods. So instead of ignoring it or stuffing it down, try telling the story to someone you trust and let it go. Talk, laughter and tears are all natural forms of emotional release to relax and feel good.

3. Try to be mindful and present when eating to enjoy your food. When you sit down to eat, notice how hungry you are and notice the taste and smell of the food. The more you relax before you eat, the better your digestion and metabolism will be and the more you will enjoy your food.

4. Find an exercise you enjoy and do it regularly. Your body loves to move so let yourself enjoy high sweat cardio workouts, slow stretching and weight bearing activities. Even regular walks are good and get you out in the fresh air!

5. Let your body have time to rest and sleep. Athletes know it is bad for the body to train hard every day, so they build in rest days for their muscles to recuperate. That is why the Jewish tradition of a Sabbath or Shabbat makes sense, because it creates a day to recover and recuperate.

So what are you doing for your body this Valentines day? Why not breathe deeply, tune in to your emotions, eat mindfully, move your body and take time to rest. Enjoy!

5 Tips To Send A Valentine To Your Body
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