Whenever I’m in doubt about the existence of abundance, I only have to stand in my summer garden for a visual and sensual reminder of abundance as it surges and splashes around me. 

Worries about life, about work and money pull us away from taking in what is right in front of us. We forget to tune into the spiritual flow of peace, ease and plenty that is always deep inside waiting for us. Sometimes all we need is a reminder to relax the internal anxious agitation. Here are some thoughts on abundance…


Abundance is not just about money. It’s about taking enough time in your day and space for what nourishes you (hint- do it early in the day), and enjoying what you already have. 


What you need is already there waiting for you. Just open to it, believe, imagine and be ready to receive it. It is said that everything is created twice, first in the mind then in reality, just like a building starts as an idea. So ditch the worry habit and spend a couple of minutes daily imagining in detail what you want to happen and how it will feel. And watch your life shift as you attract more of what you want. 


A sense of ease is a sign of abundance, so if you feel harried with a sense of scarcity, your mind is not in a state of abundance and needs to shift its focus. When things feel easy, you are on the right path. 


Expect to receive wonderful things, scan the horizon daily and be ready to receive them. The very act of looking for good things and being eager to receive them (which is different than desperate) will put your mind in an abundant place. 


Appreciate others and appreciate yourself. Appreciate others by telling them what you like, admire and love about them and watch them light up. And don’t leave yourself out. You are always doing your best and deserve acknowledgment for all the kind, brave, smart things you do every day too. 


Lastly don’t forget to notice and be grateful for what you already have. Send out a daily shout out to the universe for all the everyday things so easy to take for granted – your health, the comfort of your home, the view of the ocean, a tasty meal,your comforting routine. They are all gifts and as Joni Mitchell sings “don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”. 

So set your scanner to receive, visualise what you want, keep things easy, appreciate all you already have, and you will tap into that eternal spring of abundance always flowing inside you. 

Fill Up With Abundance
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