Overeating comes from a deep place of scarcity, a fear there won’t be enough. “I’d better have a second helping because it tastes so good, or I’ll just eat quickly while no one is around, or I’d better eat now though I’m not hungry because I’d rather be too full than risk being hungry later”. And is it really only about the food?

But if I believed in abundance, I could trust there was enough for my needs. I could take the time to really enjoy my food, pay attention to the taste, be present. I could also pay close attention to my tummy as it fills up, so I didn’t miss the point of balance where I am satisfied and feel good, before overeating to the point of discomfort.

When I am consumed by scarcity, my mind has fallen into an old place – maybe a time from the past when I lacked something I needed emotionally, and turned to food instead. Something has reminded me of this and I fall headlong into the food, mouth first! Here are 6 reminders that abundance is available whether with food or with life..

1. Food is a pleasure and abundance gives me the right and privilege to enjoy every little bite to its fullest extent. Everything in my life is worth enjoying.

2. It takes time and attention to enjoy anything and abundance provides that at every moment. I just have to decide to give that time to attend fully to the experience of eating. It is safe to slow down and enjoy!

3. My body is always sending signals it wants me to listen to. It signals when I’m hungry, what food it wants and when I’m satisfied. My job is to pay attention and do what makes my body feel good. 

4. Abundance says it is good to stop eating when I am satisfied. It wants me to enjoy being nourished, and know when that need is satisfied. I have an ‘on’ switch as well as an ‘off’ switch and both are important.

5. I deserve to feel good emotionally and abundance says what I need is always there. I just need to ask for it, open up to receive it and remember I am worthy, instead of settling for an extra portion of food. 

6. And when I’m upset or hurt, nature has a natural healing release. All I have to do to heal is feel it, express it and release it through talk, tears, laughter etc, to clear my mind and feel better afterwards without eating for comfort.

6 Tips To Enjoy Your Food
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