Have you ever had a bad feeling about something but weren’t sure if you should say no? Here is what happened to me…

A while back someone asked me to do something extra for them, even though I had just given them a big chunk of time and energy. The polite side of me was about to say an automatic ‘yes’, when a strong feeling of ‘no’ erupted inside me giving me a very clear signal what I should do.

I felt awkward for a moment but despite that, decided to follow my inner guidance and let the other person know I didn’t feel comfortable and why. Fortunately there wasn’t a problem as the other person was amenable to my feedback, and I felt so relieved I had spoken up, and honoured the clear signal from a deep place inside me.

But what if it isn’t as clear as that? Recently someone else suggested I do something which on the surface seemed a good idea, but something about it made me uneasy. I felt confused but couldn’t put my finger on what was bothering me.

So I consulted with a wise friend, who advised if I didn’t feel a clear ‘Yes’ inside, then it mean it was a ‘No’.  So I wrote a carefully worded email to tell the other person I needed to back out of this course of action.Again I felt a little awkward, but also felt good that I honoured the voice inside again, without having to explain.

So take a moment throughout your day, and check in with yourself. If something feels good inside, it probably means your inner guidance supports it. But if you get an uneasy feeling, then pay attention. Your inner guidance may be trying to tell you something.

Listen to Your Inner ‘No’
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