Our bodies are intimately related to our relationship with our inner selves. They can reflect how much or how little we value ourselves, what care we give ourselves and what we think we deserve. 

When we are self-critical, it often comes from old negative messages we repeat and rehearse from hurts in the past. These include hurtful ways we were treated and literal messages we were given as children.
Old painful experiences and messages are stored in our unconscious, and influence our current thoughts, feelings and behavior. The unconscious is a creature of habit and keeps looking for evidence to prove itself right. Being mindless means the guard on the door of the unconscious is asleep. 

We can however take control of this, by deciding to step in and direct traffic in our brains. We can replace old messages with new positive ones, that are actually a truer reflection of who we really are. 
We long to feel loved, appreciated and valued. But we usually make the mistake of thinking we can only get this approval from the outside. But we can develop the habit of appreciating ourselves, which helps us reconnect with the best in us and the 
truth about us. 
Taking space to appreciate ourselves makes our positives even more real. Sometimes it can also bring up sadness because it reminds us of how much we have missed that deep and caring connection with ourselves. 
It is easier to lose weight from a place of loving ourselves, than be cemented into self- hatred and expect this will motivate us.   
Love Yourself Now – Don’t Wait Until You Lose Weight
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