I was at a New Year’s Party a few years ago, during which the hostess asked us to do a small writing exercise, to mark the changeover of the year. The exercise was to write three short lists:

1. what we wanted to take with us from the past year,
2. what we wanted to let go of and
3. what we wanted to create in the upcoming year.

It was a simple exercise but a valuable one, Many times over the following year I pulled out that piece of paper from my purse, and re-read what I had written about my year

So I would like to share this same exercise with you, so you can enjoy it too. Grab a pen and paper, pour yourself a cup of tea and take time to reflect on your three lists starting with…..

What do you want to take with you from 2014 into 2015?

What happened that made you happy, good memories, successes, pleasures, achievements, new learnings and what were you grateful for?

Looking back on what went well is important, to be gentle and give yourself credit. Too often New Year’s Resolutions can become an excuse to turn a critical lens on our lives, seeing only what needs to be changed, not what is working well.

What do you want to leave behind or let go of, as you leave 2014?

What experiences were painful, frustrating, where did you feel stuck, what relationships caused you grief, where did you fail, what do you want to change?

This is important because it helps you identify what you want to change and not repeat. It is especially important to identify self-defeating patterns that get in your way of living fully, e.g. addictions, being mindless, avoiding challenges, putting your own needs last or self-sabotage.

What do you want to create in 2015?
Designing your life is the fun part, so you can have more of what you want. What changes do you want in your relationships or your work, what excites you to try, what courses might you register for?

I had piano lessons on my New Year’s Resolutions list for years. Finally in 2011, I took action after a gap of 35 years and started lessons. Now I have a great teacher,
really enjoy learning it and wish I had started sooner.

So what do you want to do this year that you have put off for too long? Life is short, so why not step out of your comfort zone this year and try something new!

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