What do you really want for Christmas? Want to look fantastic at the next Christmas party, wearing that hot outfit that fits so well in all the right places!

Who doesn’t, and yet how many of us remember our weight loss plan when confronted with the party buffet table, laden with food we love. Parties seem to offer a free pass to overeat, but we pay the price in later in January, when we struggle to squeeze into clothes that have become much too snug for comfort.

So this year why not skip the cycle of binge and starve, and try something different? Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy every morsel you eat this Christmas, but avoid gaining weight? Maybe this is easier than you think! How you ask? Here are some tips:

Decide ahead of time what your weight loss goal is and write it down. You might say I want to maintain ——pounds or even lose weight by January 1st.

Write down a list of behaviours that would ensure you meet your goal, e.g. eat a healthy snack before going out, take a smaller piece of desert, and walk every day.

Practice these behaviours in your mind. E.g. imagine passing by certain buffet foods, eating smaller portions, saying no to seconds, and feeling powerful and pleased.

Share your goal with a friend or better still, have them join you in the challenge

Remember it’s not the food that makes a party fun. It’s the people, so circulate, socialise and avoid hovering too long at the buffet table.

If certain foods cause you to eat them compulsively, consider not eating them at all.

Lastly, make sure you really enjoy the food you do eat and choose the best quality e.g. choose nice fish or steak as a protein, and save your calories for your meal, rather than waste them on snacks. And prove to yourself it is completely possible to enjoy Christmas fully and not gain an ounce!

Enjoy Christmas – Without The Weight Gain