Christmas can be a wonderful time of year to connect with family and friends… and yourself. But it can also be a stressful time, with expectations to be happy and a message that buying lots of stuff will create that happiness.

So take a moment before you get swept off your feet by holiday hysteria, to slow down and think about what is important to you about Christmas, what you want to do this year and just as important what you don’t want to do. Asking these questions will help you to tune into what is truly important, be more present and less on autopilot.

When you stop you may notice how tired you are, and how much you would love to take time to relax and regenerate.

Maybe you fancy a simpler diet this year, like fish and salad instead of the traditional turkey dinner.

Maybe you’d like more time to connect with your family and just play, have fun, and a laugh together.

Suggest your family pull one name out of a hat for a special gift instead of having to buy something for everybody.

And maybe this year you want time to reflect, sit with your diary by the fire and notice what went well in 2012.

But traditions run deep, and family traditions can be tough to challenge especially if you have relatives coming over on Christmas day expecting turkey, presents, eggnog etc. So the clearer you are about what you want, the braver you can be, and the more likely you will get the Christmas you really want. Here are a few tips to get started….

Set an intention to enjoy this Christmas, without too much fuss or cost.

Plan your Christmas to avoid being too busy or broke to enjoy it. Try to shop at times when the malls are quieter, set a budget and get organised early

Simplify – choose the simple option rather than the complicated one. Maybe you don’t need to use those fancy plates, and the everyday ones will be just fine.

Delegate and get help so you can enjoy the day itself. If you cook, let someone else do the washup. Everyone should pitch in.

Take time out just for you. Take a walk, sit in a café with your journal or meditate. You will find that this kind of quality time will pay dividends, not only for you but everyone else around you, because you will feel centred, nourished and at peace.

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Presence, Not Presents For Christmas
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