Its day 15 since I recently gave up sugar (yet again) and its going well! This time I decided not to focus on losing weight, but gave it up to live more in the present, numb less and stop automatically eating sweet food as a habit. So here is what I have learned this time around and what helped:

  • Making a firm decision was the first big step. A decision cuts a path across all your previous thoughts, feelings and behaviour and creates a new path. 
  • Eating enough protein and vegetables for main meals kept me sustained and reduced sugar cravings 
  • Reading posts on the internet about how good it feels to eat more fresh fruit and veg helped. I recommend Tera Warner’s website “Body Enlightenment”.
  • Recording progress and reviewing it with a friend helped me remember why I was doing this.
  • Building in extra emotional support is crucial. Addictions keep a lid on emotions, so when you stop, the feelings keep coming up just like they do for smokers who quit cold turkey and get cranky. So extra support helps you deal with emotions whether from friends, family or counseling.
  • Strategising for times of temptation is helpful. This Halloween morning, I spent a few minutes imagining not eating any chocolate – none, nada and it became the first Halloween that I didn’t have any!
  • Feeling better and lighter in body and mind kept me encouraged and motivated
  • I didn’t obsess about it. So I’ve had dates for example or bananas without worrying. Its the sugar added food I avoid.
  • As each day passed my resolution got stronger and I was surprised that it wasn’t harder.
  • Lastly supporting others to lose weight motivates me because I want to be in integrity with my work. My personal aim is to get to a place where sugar is a choice not a compulsion, or as someone I know once said “I want food to be a casual acquaintance not my best friend!”.
Losing The Need For Sugar
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