Father’s day is coming up and its time to celebrate dad! Use this opportunity to let him know he matters to you, and that you appreciate all he does, while you have him around. 
So here are three ways you can make a fuss of him, apart from buying him a card or a present.

Appreciate him!

Tell him what you enjoy and like about him, and share your happy memories of him. Maybe he has a great sense of humour, taught you to ride a bicycle, or helped you buy your first car. Use your card to write down your appreciations, so he can read it again after Father’s Day is over. Most parents love this kind of report card!

Make a date!

Surprise him with an invite to lunch, offer to attend a sports or music event with him that he’d enjoy, or volunteer to work with him in the garden if that is what he’s in to. The point is to spend some time together and do something he enjoys. Parents often love spending one on one time with you, but adult lives can get too busy for those simple pleasures.

Listen to his stories:

Most people have lots of interesting life stories they never get to tell. So be curious, ask great questions, take time to listen and be prepared for your father to surprise you with lots of stuff you didn’t know! You might ask what he liked to do a boy, pranks he got up to, what his parents were like, his memories of friends, school, holidays, achievements and of course what he remembers about you when you were little. 
One day you may not have him around anymore, like my father who died 22 years ago, so enjoy the time you have, ask him questions, spend time with him and most of all tell him what you love about him! 
And if your relationship with your father was not a happy one, consider investing in counselling to heal from past abuse, grieve the father you wished you had, learn strategies for happier relationships with men and treat yourself with the kindness you always deserved. 
If your relationship with your father has affected your self-esteem and relationships with men, even a few hours of counselling can make a difference. Call Grace today for a 30 minute complimentary consult. 
Make Your Dad’s Day!
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