This Mother’s Day, if your mother is still alive, there are many ways to offer recognition and appreciation. One of them is by sending a card.

Another way, that you may not have thought about, is to give her a break from mothering you. It is time to put some self care deposits in your emotional bank account, so it doesn’t go into overdraft. Here are nine helpful self-mothering tips:

1) Gather your clan of supportive friends around you regularly. Connect, show your care, lavish support on each other, and enjoy the company, fun and laugher.

2) Deliberately fill your life with enjoyable experiences. Make time in your busy schedule for the things you enjoy, and don’t leave them as an afterthought.

3) Nourish yourself with quality food, drink lots of water and move your body in ways you enjoy.

4) Practice saying nice things to yourself every day. Most people have a ‘voice’ in their heads continually criticizing them, so it’s a good thing to interrupt it.

5) Get enough sleep and take regular breaks to refuel your energy. Overextending yourself is overrated.

6) Practice rituals throughout the day that help you relax. Breathing deeply ten times before meals helps you slow down, relax and be present with your food.

7) Give yourself spiritual nourishment. Whether its a walk in nature, meditating or praying for help, let yourself receive the spiritual power that surrounds you and available to you.

8) Take space in your life for your own needs, wants and wishes. Assert yourself, take up physical space and take time to think about what you want.

9) Take time to heal important childhood experiences that still affect you. Invest in someone you trust and tell the stories that weigh on your heart, cry if you need to and let them go.


Nine Tips to Nourish and Mother Yourself
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