Are you in a frenzy trying to buy the perfect gift but running out of time and possibly money! If so, you are probably not alone. Save yourself some time with these alternative gift ideas:

  • – Take a look at this website to buy cute stickers to dress up your money gift. Its an ingenious way to give the ultimate gift – money.
  • – Give a gift that keeps on giving. Kiva is a wonderful organisation that gives micro loans to small businesses in poor countries. I gave a small loan for example a few years ago and it has been repaid several times by different businesses so I can keep helping out.
  • – You can buy a gift of animals for a poor family to rear and use for income through Heifer International. A gift of chickens for example only cost $20 US. Check it out.
  • Pick your own favourite charity such as Oxfam or Unicef and check out their gift catelogue on line. Make a deal with your family to pick one name from a hat, and just buy a gift for that person.

At the end of the day what is important is spending good times with family and friends. My father in law is dying as I write and I am reminded how short life actually is.


Simple Gift Giving Tips
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