Let’s face it, Christmas is supposed to be fun, but the work traditions create can make you groan! It helps to remember the meaning behind the traditions, and to get started early to avoid the panic. Pick and choose amongst these helpful tips:

1) Avoid stress by getting organized and starting early.

2) Write words of appreciation. Cards can provide an opportunity to connect with family and friends. You might make someone’s day by writing about a few ways you appreciate that person, rather than sending a canned message and your name. Recipients are much more likely to treasure a personalize card from you, because of your positive feedback.

3) Buy your supplies in bulk. Avoid line ups at the post office. Buy your stamps on a roll, your cards in boxes and make a master list of addresses to use from year to year. It is so much easier to sit down at the kitchen table to write cards, when you have everything you need.

4) If you want to write to a lot of people, form letters can save time and cut down the work. But why not make them personal by customizing the first paragraph so it is personal to each person, and print if off on Christmas paper. I write my first master letter to one friend, then adapt it for everyone else.

5) Try writing five letters a day. To avoid the crash and burn from writing to everyone on one evening, space out your letter writing.

6) Lastly, a nice touch is to include a collage of photos taken during the last year (perhaps colour photocopies?) to go with your letter.

Simplify Christmas Card Writing
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