Valentine’s day will be here before you know it, which is fine and dandy if you are in a happy couple relationship. But if you are not, and let’s face it many people aren’t, Valentine’s day can seem pretty irrelevant, or worse still, downright painful if you are just getting over a breakup. Having once been single myself for many years, I know what it is like.

So instead of feeling excluded, why not redefine this Valentine’s Day for yourself and use it to be nice to yourself. Buy yourself some roses, ask your friends to give you some praise and appreciation, or if you need to, sit down and have yourself a good old cry to clear your head.

And why not spread the love around to others in your life? Brighten up someone else’s day with a surprise thank you card, send out a fun mass email Valentine’s greeting to your friends or buy a bunch of roses for a single friend who is feeling down. For more ideas, check out the tips below.

Four tips to have a happy Valentine’s day:

  1. Be good to yourself this Valentine’s day. Go out and buy yourself some beautiful roses or some nice chocolates. Why wait for someone else?
  2. Surprise someone you love. You could send someone a Valentine’s Day card, especially someone not expecting one, e.g. your mother or father, a single aunt or a child you like.
  3. Learn from children. Children in the classroom acknowledge their friends with a Valentine’s email message.
  4. Offer some words of thanks. Often people can feel taken for granted–staff in your office, your boss, your GP, dentist, your neighbour–make their day by giving them a compliment or write them a note of thanks.
Make Valentine’s Day Special for Everyone
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