Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special someone or with friends and family, we often forget the one who is nearest and dearest to us – our bodies! We expect them to keep going with little or no appreciation, and deny them the good food, rest, sleep and exercise they actually need. It’s not until we get sick or injured that we realize how much we take them for granted. So here are three ways to say “I love you” to your nearest and dearest body!

  1. Take big breaths regularly. Marc David author of “The Slow Down Diet” says we are often short of Vitamin O – meaning oxygen which improves energy levels. What’s more, the more you relax the more calories you burn, and breathing is a great way to relax! So try taking regular “breath breaks” at work by taking 10 big breaths.
  2. Slow down and tune in. Notice what is going on in your body. Are you tense in your chest, shoulders, gut? Emotional tensions often show up as physical sensations in the body. So instead of bottling up an upset, try telling the story to someone you trust so you can let it go. And remember – talking, laughter and tears are natural forms of emotional release that help you feel better afterwards.
  3. Be present each moment. Enjoy yourself. When you sit down to eat, notice your body before you start and its level of hunger, then enjoy the taste and smell of your food. The more you relax before eating, the better your digestion and metabolism will be, and the more you can enjoy the experience.
3 Tips To Be a Valentine to Your Body
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