To help you start something “new” how about setting aside a day to think about your life. A time when you can sit down with a notebook and ask yourself some questions. Here are five tips to help you get started:

  1. Take stock of your current life and give yourself credit: Start with what is already going well? Where is your cup already full? What successes have you had in the past year, what are you grateful for, where do you deserve credit?
  2. Ask yourself what you really want: After taking stock, what is it you want for the year ahead, what is missing, what is next, what would complete the picture? Writing down your thoughts is a powerful tool not only to record them, but it creates clarity and communicates a strong message of change to your brain.
  3. Start making a plan: Once you know what you want, your next step is to create a roadmap from here to there, an outline of big and small steps to reach your goal in a year’s time. Baby steps are important. They are like the seeds you plant today, to produce the seedling for next week, to grow the young plant for next month that will produce the tree you want in a year, metaphorically speaking.
  4. Visualization powers up your confident attraction vibration: Visualization is an important technique to help change your brain’s hard wiring. It means vividly imagining what you want as if you already have it, and dwelling on that picture regularly. The more you can see it and feel it with confidence, the sooner it will happen according to the law of attraction, because your internal and external worlds want to align in a match.
  5. Lastly, make sure you have enough support: Most people underestimate how much support they might need and how nice it is to have someone to turn to when the chips are down. It is natural to get discouraged sometimes, push yourself too hard or forget how smart and capable you actually are. So consider getting support from a friend, a group or a professional coach or counsellor so you can get clear, get organized, get brave and get going, and then enjoy that magic of change when it happens!
Tips for Life Planning
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